Chiropractic In Dublin, OH Reconnecting You To Your Health

We exist to educate and inspire our community in striving towards true health. We will serve out of a sense of abundance, and partner with families to cause generational change in their overall quality of life. Our commitment is to be a source of truth in today’s healthcare system. We will make Columbus a healthier community one family at a time!

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Are You Tired Of Feeling Stressed And Suffering From Chronic Disease?

Is it hard to fall asleep?

Do you frequently feel sick?

Do you live with constant pain?

Are you feeling mentally exhausted?

Have you tried to fix your problem and failed?

Worried this will become a permanent problem?

Connecting The Brain

Ensuring your brain and body are properly communicating creating optimal health.

Aligning The Body

Providing stability and strength to the spine allows better movement and function.

Creating Balance

Health requires harmony between all systems in the body. Balance is our goal!

Patriot Chiropractic Can Help With Many Types Of Chronic Conditions




Behavioral/ Learning Issues



Digestive Issues

Frequent Colds / Flu's

High Blood Pressure



Overly Stressed

Discover How Patriot Chiropractic Has Helped People Like You Regain Control Of Their Own Health

What Makes Patriot Chiropractic So Different?

Welcome to Patriot Chiropractic in Dublin, Ohio. Our office and the services we offer are designed to optimize the body’s healing processes. We strive to offer affordable chiropractic care for you and your loved ones to enjoy all the benefits of a chiropractic lifestyle. We are a family-based office, and we are certain you will find our approach to be unique and effective. Our main focus is restoring your nervous system to its normal rhythm and tone, which in return creates harmony between the brain and body, allowing your body to better assess and adopt to its internal and external environments.

At Patriot Chiropractic, we feel very fortunate to be a part of, and serve the Dublin community, and the surrounding areas of Columbus.

State of the art tools and techniques we use to restore your health

Logan Basic Adjusting Techinque

Logan Basic Technique is a gentle, low-force, full spine adjusting procedure known for treating special conditions such as scoliosis, pregnancy, pediatric care and acute spinal conditions.

Brain Tap is a quick and easy way to relax, reboot and revitalize by simply optimizing your brain’s peak potential

Digital x-rays offer a variety of benefits compared to traditional x-rays as well as expose patients to less radiation.

Our Method For Better Results

Stop masking the symptoms and get to the root cause of the problem.

1. Evaluate How Stress is Effecting Your Health

Identifying the severity of imbalance in your nervous system.

2. Determine Your Spine’s Structural Integrity

Normal function is dependent on structural alignment.

3. Develop an Individual Plan to Achieve Health

Receive the care you need for your chronic condition so that you can get back to living life to the fullest.

As soon as you walk in you’re greeted with a great smile and such positive energy. The atmosphere is so relaxing and you are almost put completely at ease. The staff is knowledgeable and make sure you feel comfortable and answer all the questions you have. Every time I go in I feel a lot better and feel like I’ve learned something great.


The doctor is wonderful and very professional. He always takes the time to explain my adjustments and gives great advice for things to work on at home. Scheduling an appointment is very quick and easy and the office staff is very nice.


I was nervous to get my 1st adjustment but the staff was great, communicated the process and walked me through it. I’m impressed with the amount of time the Dr. takes reviewing your situation and making sure they’re addressing all your concerns.


Every aspect of my visits to Patriot Chiropractic are top notch! The atmosphere of the office is very modern, clean and relaxed. It’s definitely a new and much needed update to the traditional chiropractic office. I love their outlook and commitment to chiropractic care for overall health, and the sincere desire to help their patients become healthier and happier. Staff there are super friendly, helpful and easy to work with; their consultation process prior to care is extremely thorough; and their treatment plans are all encompassing and very reasonably priced. Last, the doctor is outstanding! His focus on patients as individuals and their specific needs is what I have been looking for in a chiropractor for some time now. He has helped me immensely in the short time that I’ve been seeing him, and will do the same for you. I highly, HIGHLY recommended checking them out!


The office is clean, the staff is friendly and the doctor is very knowledgeable. Being a new patient and having no chiropractor visit experience they explain very thoroughly your examination, your plan, and expectations. You leave the office feeling very relaxed and stress free. Definitely would recommend!


I'm very impressed with this office. They is very knowledgeable. They are not only giving great chiropractic care, but going above and beyond and helping me get off some of my medications. They are working with me to overall live a more natural and health lifestyle! I'm recommending Patriot Chiropractic to everyone in my family now!


Excellent place to be seen for any number of ailments! The doctor took a lot of time explaining his recommendations after taking a full set of x-rays at my initial consultation. He also explained the relationship between spinal alignment and brain/organ response. Very interesting stuff -- way different from those walk-in clinics. I received my first adjustment and wow - could feel improvement already. This place is newish to Columbus and is clean, modern and has all the latest technology. Give them a visit! As a bonus, they contribute part of their practice and profits to ensuring veterans get the care they need. From Mackenzie at the front desk to Bharon the owner to the chiro, everyone here is awesome, knowledgeable and friendly. I trust them, and I'm a natural skeptic!


Patriot Chiropractic has been an amazing experience for my son Gavin. He started having seizures in October of 2018 and has had a lot of issues with his sleep and stress. They have done an amazing job in helping relieve the stress in his neck, hips, back and feet(planter fasciitis) which has improved his sleep tremendously. They are very professional in explaining every step of his treatment plan for Gavin. They also did a stress and mental evaluation to determine exactly where he holds all the stress in his body and are working to correct it with weekly visits.. I have witnessed an overall change in Gavin after going these past couple months. I highly recommend Patriot Chiropractic. Everyone there is very friendly and truly compassionate about helping you feel your best.

Laura WParent

How Does Patriot Chiropractic Help You Restore Your Health?

Chiropractic Adjustments

Sound & Light Therapy

Structural Examination

Heart Rate Variability

Stress Response Evaluation

Energy Synchronization

What Will It Cost You If You Do Nothing?

You can choose to do nothing for your condition. However, this will exacerbate the problem you are dealing with and only cost you more time, attention and money down the road with pills, surgery and rehab. It is your healthcare routine. The problem with pain is that is usually is the last thing to show up and the first thing to go away. Our bodies are very good at experiencing pain one day, and then gone within a few days to a week. A fundamental question to ask yourself is … is the spinal problem/condition gone because of your bodies ability to adapt and drown out the pain? Or does the problem still exist and is getting worse over time? If we are able to treat someone right away it is much more likely to get someone back on track because the problem has been identified and corrected. The longer you wait the higher the chance of the problem becoming permanent.

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Scar tissue can develop (like layers on a cake) on and around your spine even without having surgery. A common safety mechanism for the body is to create scar tissue to overlay the immobile spinal column and tight muscles. This scar tissue further restricts bones, muscles and ligaments from performing their normal actions and creates tightness, degeneration and immobility. Over a period of time, these manifest into chronic and even debilitating conditions.

The nervous system is the master control system. Similar to the Conductor of an orchestra. If the lead rhythm is off key, all the other instruments will not be synchronized and sound terrible. The same thing happens with an imbalance in the nervous system. Your nervous system (The Conductor) can’t control the rhythm and circuitry required for overall health of the organs (orchestra) in your body.