The Patriot Project is 501c3 charity organization whose mission is to provide chiropractic care to all active military and their families, wounded veterans, and Gold Star dependents. To achieve this goal we work to achieve the following objectives:

1. Work to allow chiropractic physicians enlist as commissioned officers in all armed forces.

2. Work to have chiropractic physicians embedded in all forward operating bases of combat, all VA hospitals, clinic and bases.

3. Work to educate veterans with service related disabilities, that they have chiropractic benefit coverage through the veterans administration.

4. Work to equip Purple Heart Recipients with state of the art, innovative medical devices to help combat pain, PTSD and depression.

5. Work to rally the chiropractic profession to serve the most deserving of all American across the country through chiropractic care.

The Patriot Project has been working toward these goals for over 5 years and we are making headway. We currently have over 9,200 chiropractors across the country serving our military heroes. We are also activating working with the Department of Defense and all branches of the military to get chiropractors enlisted. We will achieve our goals, because failure is not an option!

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